About Us
Members of the Woman's Club of Winter Park in 1925 on the 10th anniversary of the founding.
Tenth Anniversary - 1925
The Woman's Club of Winter Park was organized on January 15, 1915 at the home of Mrs. Charles Hosmer Morse.  The purpose of the club was stated thus:
To associate its members and the public in efforts to advance the civic and educational welfare of Winter Park and surrounding areas.
To aid worthy students entering or attending institutions of higher learning.
To preserve the history and the premises of the Woman's Club of Winter Park for future generations of the members and the community.
Current Officers

Our beautiful building was completed in 1921 on land donated by Mr. Morse and with funds raised by contributions from members and fund-raising projects. The auditorium, known as Helen Morse Hall, was dedicated in honor of our founder.   The Club House was officially listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.

The spirit and intent of our founders are embodied in the regular meetings held on Thursday every week in October through April.  Each meeting features a program on art, literature, music, travel, drama, current affairs or another area of interest.  The Club focuses on community service, scholarships for worthy students as well as maintaining the building and premises and sponsoring various social activities.
Membership is open to any interested woman.   Please contact us for additional information.
Our club is now a member of the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce.  You can follow events on http://www.winterpark.org/